NKT-S Series Single Scroll Compressor Chillers
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NKT-S Series Single Scroll Compressor Chillers
New generation NKT-S series air cooled package type chiller devices; It has features that are suitable for the latest technological innovations.

General Features

New generation NKT-S Series air cooled package type chillers are produced based on latest technologic innovations. Series has scroll type compressor, integrated hydraulic module (tank and water pump), environment friendly R407C refrigerant and microprocessor control make units compact structure.

Thanks to the integrated hydraulic module for easy and fast installation to the process. NKT-S series are used with successfully in all small and mid-capacity areas of industrial refrigeration, range of cooling capacity between 12,8 – 129 kW.

Technical Information

  •  Hermetic Scroll Compressor
  •  New generation R407C refrigerant according to Kyoto and Montreal Protocol
  •  Maximum energy saving with microprocessor control
  •  Made of high corrosion resistant materials coated condenser
  •  Low (automatic) and High (manual) pressure presostats
  •  Internal AISI 316 SS stainless steel tank
  •  High capacity and long-lasting centrifugal pump
  •  High efficiency AISI 316 SS plate type or Shell&Tube type evaporator. (outside the tank)
  •  Condenser with a large surface area and high capacity axial fan
  •  Phase control relay
  •  Pressure transducers for fan regulations
  •  Thermostatic expansion valve
  •  Flow switch
  •  Electrical board includes main switch with door safety interlock, emergency stop and overload protection
  •  Polyester based electrostatically powder painted galvanized steel, which provides excellent UV and corrosion protection, is used for casing
  •  CE Certificate control panel



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