NKT-T4 Series Tandem 4 Scroll Compressor Chiller Units
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NKT-T4 Series Tandem 4 Scroll Compressor Chiller Units
NKT-T4 series tandem type air cooled chiller devices; four compressor-double refrigeration circuits with high capacity control and failure risk distribution.

General Features

NKT-T4 series air-cooled package type chiller units are equipped with four scroll compressors in an independent tandem structure. These series has 4 compressors and two independent refrigeration circuits. Therefore compressors work according to the heat load which means that working with 4 step control (%25…%100), additionally do not need to shut down the unit when there is a maintenance. 3 compressors can works even if there is a maintenance on one compressor. Short maintenance period, easy operation, easy to use color display LCD Screen and integrated hydraulic modules and sensitive temperature precious are general features. NKT-T2 series range of cooling capacity between 65.7 – 498 kW.

Technıcal Information

  •  Tandem 4 Hermetic Scroll Compressor
  •  New generation R407C refrigerant according to Kyoto and Montreal Protocol
  •  Maximum energy saving with microprocessor control
  •  Made of high corrosion resistant materials coated condenser
  •  Low (automatic) and High (manual) pressure presostats
  •  4” color display LCD screen control panel (Protection Class IP65)
  •  Check valve on the discharge line for each compressor
  •  Internal AISI 316 stainless steel tank up to NKT-T 3204
  •  High capacity and long-lasting centrifugal pump up to NKT-T 3204
  •  High efficiency Shell&Tube type evaporator. (outside the tank)
  •  Condenser with a large surface area and high capacity axial fan
  •  Phase control relay
  •  Pressure transducers for fan regulations
  •  Thermostatic expansion valve
  •  Flow switch
  •  Electrical board includes main switch with door safety interlock, emergency stop and overload protection
  •  Polyester based electrostatically powder painted galvanized steel, which provides excellent UV and corrosion protection, is used for casing
  •  CE Certificate control panel
NKT-T4 Series Tandem 4 Scroll Compressor Chiller Units
NKT-T4 Series Tandem 4 Scroll Compressor Chiller Units

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